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Innovative Educational Approach at Our School

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At our small international school in Valencia, we take pride in offering a truly unique educational approach that transcends conventional boundaries.

Our philosophy combines mainstream education based on the Spanish curriculum with inspiration taken from the Steiner Waldorf and Montessori methodologies, resulting in an innovative academic offer where the emotional intelligence and social development of each pupil are as crucial as academic learning. Instruction is delivered in both Spanish and English, with native or fluent English-speaking teachers available in both primary and secondary school levels.

Core Functions: Forming Well-Rounded Citizens

Our educational philosophy revolves around shaping citizens who embody seven key attributes: freedom, critical thinking, imagination, active participation, solidarity, civic responsibility, and competency. By instilling these values, we aim to prepare our students for success in diverse settings, emphasizing both knowledge and capabilities.

Harmonious Blend: Integrating Waldorf and Montessori Influences into Our Spanish Curriculum

Our alternative international school in Valencia draws inspiration from the ideologies and methodologies of Waldorf and Montessori, particularly evident in the early years and classroom environment of kindergarten/primary education, and the materials that are offered. However, the influence of these educational approaches extends to older children as well. While we are not a pure Steiner/Waldorf or Maria Montessori school, we integrate elements of these philosophies into our Spanish curriculum. This influence becomes tangible during various seasonal celebrations such as the harvest, Saint Martin and the lantern festival, and the Advent celebration. Our year-round arts and crafts activities, as well as the abundant time spent outdoors are also showcasing our commitment to a holistic educational experience.


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Tailored Learning Environments: Thriving at Your Own Rhythm

Our school provides small class sizes, fostering an intimate learning environment. This approach allows teachers to fully understand each pupil and cater to their unique needs. Recognizing that students learn at varying paces, our flexible structure accommodates diverse learning styles. Some may benefit from additional challenges, while others may require more time to complete their tasks. Thanks to our school’s setup, children receive personalized attention, ensuring they thrive at their own rhythm.

Bilingual teaching and exposure to languages

Our school operates as a bilingual institution in both English and Spanish, boasting native or fluent English-speaking teachers in both primary and secondary school. This ensures that children of all ages benefit from exposure to multiple languages. In addition to English and Spanish, we adhere to the regulations of the Valencian Education Department by incorporating Valencian into our curriculum at the minimum required hours per week. This comprehensive language approach enriches the educational experience, fostering linguistic diversity and cultural understanding among our students.


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Our Small International School in Valencia: Nurturing Individual Potential

In our commitment to personalized education, we embrace customized learning experiences. Our students thrive in micro-school groups, delve into creative arts, and boost their motivations and interests in real-time. Learning occurs at one’s own pace, in natural settings, fostering interdisciplinary connections and maintaining academic rigor.

Success as Good Citizens: Social Commitment in Action

Our ultimate goal is to cultivate successful individuals who not only excel academically but also demonstrate social commitment. We strive to make our students aware, equipped with decision-making skills, and committed to contributing positively to society.

Acquired Skills: A Lifelong Learning Journey

The skills acquired in our institution are not confined to the classroom; they vary throughout the life cycle and extend into the real world. Furthermore, we believe in harnessing nature’s language to foster social intelligence and emotional management, providing students with a holistic understanding of the world around them.

Happiness Through Education: A Holistic Perspective

At our school, success is measured not just in academic achievements but in the happiness of our students. We believe that a well-rounded education, combining emotional intelligence, social development, and academic learning, paves the way for a fulfilling and joyful life.

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Get to know our small and unique international school in Valencia…

The educational approach at our international school in Valencia goes beyond the ordinary, offering a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. We invite you to explore this unique journey of learning and development at our school, where each student’s potential is nurtured, and the joy of learning is paramount. Welcome to an educational experience that shapes not just minds but also hearts and character.

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