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Spaces and facilities

Welcome to MDI International College, small international school in Valencia for holistic education in a rural setting. Here, we prioritize not only academic excellence but also the overall well-being and comprehensive development of our students.

Our campus provides a nurturing environment with tailored facilities and services to meet the diverse needs of our school community.

The Centre offers transport services from Valencia, ensuring safe commuting for our students.

Health and Safety
We prioritize the well-being of our students, and have a dedicated room for first aid, ensuring prompt medical attention when necessary.

Diverse Facilities
Our small international school in Valencia includes independent buildings organized by classroom levels, reflecting our commitment to personalized education. Specific facilities include a Psychomotor Ward, Music classroom, Library, Indoor Pavilion/Sports Area, and Sports courts. These spaces contribute to a well-rounded educational experience, promoting both academic and extracurricular growth.

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Our cafeteria services provide a menu designed to comply with essential food principles, catering to the nutritional needs of our school population. Our dining room and kitchens are equipped to provide nutritious meals, fostering a healthy lifestyle among our students.

Administrative Spaces
The school includes essential administrative spaces such as a Boardroom, Offices, Teachers’ room, and Laboratories. These spaces aid effective communication among our staff and faculty.

Technological and Artistic Resources
Our commitment to holistic education is reflected in specialized spaces like Technologies/Languages rooms, providing students with opportunities to explore and excel in diverse fields.

Cultural Spaces
The Hall of Acts/Chapel serves as a venue for cultural events and festivities, enriching the overall educational experience.

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Outdoor Facilities
Our extensive grounds include Stables, Tracks/Fences, and the School Farm, providing students with unique opportunities to engage with nature and animal husbandry. Direct field access enhances the connection between our academic environment and the surrounding natural beauty.

At MDI International College, we believe that our facilities contribute significantly to the overall learning experience. We invite you to explore our small international school in Valencia, and witness firsthand the unique spaces that are part of our school, which will help educate, and nurture our students on their educational journey.

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