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COVID-19 Contingency protocol

Safety measures and hygienic control – sanitary

We will use different access doors: Please circulate slowly and with caution. We apologize if you delay the first few days for the influx.

  • MORNINGS AND LATES: Parking of the Sports Center (entrance and exit).
  • ORDER: Main door (orderly entry and exit).
  • That of each group classroom and the students collected/delivered by the tutor, per group in the sports center.
  • They will come in and out one at a time when their relatives arrive to pick them up or bring them.
  • After cleaning and disinfection of hands and footwear with hydro- alcoholic solution, oxygenated and / or hypochlorite, leaving record in registration (To).
  • These are necessary requirements to attend the activities:
    1. Keep the distance of 1’5 meters.
    2. Mandatory use of mask from the age of 6.
    3. Temperature intake with infrared thermometers at home and at the entrance.
    4. Placement of carpets impregnated with bleach to step on with soles before entering the premises facilities within the center.
    5. Hand washing at the end of each activity and/or before starting it 5 times/day.
    6. Availability of disinfectant gels in each classroom and services.
    7. Daily disinfection of the material.
    8. High school and high school students, elementary according to age, will be responsible for disinfecting their work tools, desk and everything they touch.
    9. Cleaning and disinfection of classrooms and common spaces at the end of the day.


Useo of spaces

  • Classrooms

    Each group of up to 15 children will have two classrooms enabled so that they can alternate for ventilation (morning and afternoon) and maintain the safety distance of 1’5cm and with direct access to the outside.

    WC; use per shift individually.

  • Movement of groups in the school

    Itineraries by which the activity coordinator will be in charge of notifying each group so that they can leave or enter and not meet other groups in corridor and / or common areas where it is not possible to maintain safety distances.

  • Courtyard

    Itineraries by which the activity coordinator will be in charge of notifying each group so that they can leave or enter and not meet other groups in corridor and / or common areas where it is not possible to maintain safety distances.

  • Dining room

    Dining shifts would be carried out, with a fixed assigned site to each student with their name,

Incorporation of students (COVID-19)

  1. Following the situation of health and social crisis experienced, the reception of students will be a key aspect to be taken care of above all for students with situations of greater emotional and social vulnerability, and will seek to avoid stigmatization in relation to COVID-19.
  2. During the 2020-2021 academic year, the centres will have to extreme health and safety measures as a result of possible scenarios that may occur according to the evolution of the health situation caused by COVID-19. In this sense, families, or students the same if they are of legal age, will have to fill out a responsible declaration that is attached as an Annex, to ensure their commitment to compliance with health and hygiene standards for students, in accordance with the protocols determined in their contingency plans.
  3. Families who are unable to attend the centre will be told that students with coVID-19-compatible or COVID-19-diagnosed symptoms cannot attend the centre, or who are in a home quarantine period because they have had contact with someone with symptoms or diagnosed with COVID-19. To do this, families will monitor health status and take a temperature every day before leaving home to go to the school.
  4. If any symptomatology (cough, fever – more than 37.5oC – is present at home, shortness of breath, etc.) that may be associated with COVID-19. In this case you should contact the coVID-19 service phone (900 300 555) and the health center (listed on the SIP card) that belongs to you. You can also request consultation through web appointment [ coronavirus-registration-va.html ]. The centre shall be informed of this circumstance.
  5. Students with health conditions that make them more vulnerable to COVID-19 (such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic lung disease, cancer, immunosuppression or high blood pressure) may go to the centre, provided that their clinical condition is controlled and permitted, and maintain protective measures rigorously, unless medically indicated not to attend.
  6. For the purposes of the protocol for the prevention and control of absenteeism and the maximum number of absences of assistance allowed, absences resulting from the implementation of the above measures shall always be considered justified.


Instructions and coordination channels

  1. The management of the centre shall establish the communication channels to the educational centre so that any public employee and student staff presenting symptomatology (cough, fever, shortness of breath, etc.) who may be associated with COVID-19 and those who have been in close contact without saving the safety distance of 1.5 metres for a period of at least 15 minutes, communicate it.
  2. A procedure shall be ensured to separate students or workers with symptoms at the school and an information procedure for parents. A temporary isolation dependency or premises, “COVID-19 space”, will be enabled in each school, equipped with the necessary material resources.

When a student initiates symptoms or symptoms are detected by center staff during their school day, they will be taken to a separate space. A surgical mask will be provided for students 6 years and older and another for the adult who cares for him until his or her parents or guardians arrive and, in case the student cannot put on a surgical mask, FFP2 protective masks will be available without a valve, face screens and disposable robes. All protective material must be placed inside a watertight box. You will be taken to a room for individual use, previously chosen, next to a toilet, which has adequate ventilation and a pedal bin with bag, where you can throw away the mask and disposable handkerchiefs. It shall be ensured that there is as little material in this space as possible and all objects that may make it difficult to clean well afterwards have been removed. The family will be notified that they should contact their health center or reference phone number 900300555 for assessment of their case.

  • Workers who initiate symptoms will retreat to a separate space and put on a surgical mask. They will contact your health center or Occupational Risk Prevention Service or reference phone number 900300555 and follow your instructions.
  • If you notice that the person initiating symptoms is in a situation of seriousness or having difficulty breathing, the 112 will be notified.
  • The centre will be made available to public health and care services to provide the information required to organize appropriate case management and contact study and monitoring.