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Preschool and Primary

alba teacher at maria de iciarAlba Delgado Merino
Teacher of Language and Mathematics

Master’s degree in bilingual education.

“My approach is based on the idea that each child is unique and has unlimited potential. I enjoy working at this school because we learn in an inclusive and stimulating environment where children feel safe to explore, experiment, and learn at their own pace.”




carme teacher mria de iciarCarme Mañez de la Cruz
Teacher of English and Science

“My main goal is to actively and critically accompany students in their learning process. I have the pleasure of working in a natural environment that offers a wide variety of learning opportunities. My classes are based on meaningful and dynamic learning where students question the ‘why’ behind the concepts being studied.”




Raul profesor educaion fisicaRaúl Ruiz
Teacher of Physical Education

Also responsible for coordinating the various extracurricular sports activities held at the center.


“One of my main objectives is to transmit and foster the values that physical activity offers, promoting the importance of healthy lifestyle habits among the younger generation. Personally, it is a privilege to teach at MDI, as we have a natural environment ideal for the comprehensive education of our students. Additionally, we can enjoy and provide personalized instruction due to our small class sizes, which turns the school into a close-knit community.”


amparo music maria de iciarAmparo Pons Aguilar
Teacher of music & history

“I am a passionate teacher of Music and History. For me, teaching goes beyond imparting knowledge. My goal as a teacher is to inspire my students through the combination of Music and History.”