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Who We Are

The COLEGIO MARÍA DE ICAR was created in 1968 by Rafael Vilar Gallego and Ma Begoña Rey de Arteaga as a private center focused on achieving an INTEGRAL EDUCATION and academic training, which incorporates social intelligence and emotional management in the school field. A qualified teachers to use the instrumental means of LANGUAGES and new TECHNOLOGIES and complete facilities spread over 70,000m2 in the VIA PARQUE NATURAL DEL TURIA (Riba-roja del Turia), have since achieved promotion of students prepared to integrate into the global, professional, labor and entrepreneurial world. Highlight the incorporation of INNOVATIVE and alternative PEDAGOGICAL EXPERIENCES in nature.

Live Nature

The COLEGIO MARÍA DE ICAR located in the Partida de Valencia la Vella in Ribarroja del Turia (Valencia), VIA NATURAL PARK OF TURIA, covers an area of 70,000 square meters in the Shire of Camp de Turia, 3 km from the town of Ribarroja del Turia.

Center Guides

Here we leave you the direct link to the Guide of Teaching Centers of the Conselleria D’Educació, Cultura i Esports de la Generalitat Valenciana.